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About Us

Who are we, the Albs of Dhsôn Bhalsûr?

The Albs of Dhsôn Bhalsûr are a collective of Like-minded Role-players who have bonded over a Fan-lore that we, the Kinship, have created and nurtured and incorporated into the existing Middle-earth. In essence, we are a kinship based upon Fan-lore.

We are a rank 8 Kinship on the Role-playing Server Laurelin, catering to the creativity of many fellows who wish to unleash their creations upon the world with miniscule restriction, provided this does not clash with Tolkien's existing lore. The Kinn-lai are mature, friendly and helpful, and as such, we expect our members to do the same in regards. We take pride in our quality standards of Role-play and our strong bond of friendship that has helped us set the milestones for a strong, healthy, quality Role-play environment in a setting created completely from the minds of other players.

We are a small and friendly elven-kinship, following the views of Tolkien, as well as the ideas of others, for together we created the Fan-Lore about the Albs. We aim for enjoyable and also exciting RP with a dark atmosphere, portraying the antagonist in relation to the Ring-War during the Third Age.

High level characters are not required at all! We expect from our kinmembers a certain grade of maturity and friendlyness. There is no competition going on and we all are there to have fun! :)

Commitment to the weekly meetings and planned events is very important to us!

If this appeals to you, feel free to contact one of our officers, or apply for the kinship site directly. :)

For more Information on the Fan-lore of our creation itself, please visit: The Dherndawarth Chronicle Courtesy of the Laurelin Archives