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Tiláris / Mar 13, 2012
Evening Everyone!

I'm starting a new weekly news round-up, for everyone to take note of important things that have happened within the kinship since the past week. Starting every week on Tuesday I will be writing these columns with everything you need to know.

New Webmaster

I have become the new Site Admin for the Kinship site ever since Haevathar abandoned it. So now I'm in charge of making the site look hawt and of course, policing the forums ;)

Kinship Website Revamp

As part of my new Site Admin duties, I've now given the website a complete make-over and added a few more new sweet things to go with it!

I've polished the look of the site, added a more appropriate-looking banner, and added an About Us tab and a tab leading directly to the fan-lore compendium itself!

New admins!

Minyelaírë and I are pleased to announce that we have a new admin and officer joining our ranks! Rashanra, veteran role-player many of you know as the legendary drunkard Sefa, has joined forces with the Albs to help us with officer duties and recruitment! Welcome aboard Rashanra!

Sad to see some members go

Due to the high lack of active numbers Minye and I have decided to do some early spring cleaning and cleared out many inactive names from the Member's list. As such, several members have been expelled due to lack of inactivity (maximum for recruits is 30 days, 80 for members). Please guys, we need more activity here! Logging in once a month just won't cut it.

And this be your weekly news round-up for this week, enjoy the game and may the Indelible bless your path!
Tiláris / Mar 13, 2012
Hey guys,

Ever since Haevathar abandoned the site I've been put in charge of the kinship site. As you can see, there's been an extensive revamp in layout and I've done some mass-redesigning of the website itself since the previous site owner has neglected the website.