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Thev'rhâh's IC Background Information

by Tiláris on Mar 18, 2012 at 12:52 AM}
Please note, as Thev'rhâh is a silent character and will almost never give out personal information, that all of this IC information should be handled OOCly. Never ever use this to Meta-game, please.

Outward Appearance
Thev'rhâh, as it stands, is a character shrouded in an unbreakable veil of secrecy and distrust. She stands at about 6'3ft., clad in black robes wherever she goes, and a hood which never, ever comes off. Every inch of her body is covered with cloth, and rarely 'till never does she let an occasional half-insane grin show from underneath her robes.

The staff she carries is black, a relic brought out of Kinn-sala. It is adorned in Kinnja symbols speaking of strange phrases and Metaphors. She is never seen without it.

If one were to catch a glimpse beyond the black robes, one would find, that, save for the eyes, Thev'rhâh would be the complete inverted colour palette of her exterior. She has snow-white hair that falls down to her shoulders, her pale skin, if exposed, gleaming underneath moon- or sunlight. The Saârdh on her face gleam also white on her skin, which would then start to shine whiter than her skin overall.

Lastly, her demeanour is one of quiet, studious somberness. An aura of dread surrounds her, and ever does she have a smile of a slightly insane nature resting on her lips. The Albish power that is to dimen the lights resurfaces quite strongly in this maiden, with lights extinguishing almost completely in her presence.

Timeline of Thev'rhâh
(Counted in the Eldarin Fashion)

First Age
275 - Thev'rhâh and her twin sister Yev'rhâh are born in Kinn-sala.
301 - At the Age of twenty-six years, young for an Elf, Thev'rhâh wanders out unsupervised and comes back with a fragment of a spirit of Morgoth living within her, resulting in the change of her eyes from blue to black. Faint white rings are still to be seen around the Iris. The Elves of Kinn-sala attempt to return her eye-colour to normal but fail.
313 - Thev'rhâh is brought to Kei Urdhasa to study Art and dance.
314 - Thev'rhâh is dissmissed by her tutor, bringing back with her harsh words from her tutor that sting her in mind.
337 - Thev'rhâh and Yev'rhâh are taken into Albish society as Sanyha, having reached full maturity. Sibling rivalry ensues as Yev'rhâh is taken in by the artist that had dismissed Thev'rhâh, thus making Thev'rhâh resentful. Thev'rhâh chooses to join the Yanâr as one of the Order of the Tear.
607 - Yev'rhâh becomes a fully-fledged architect after three centuries of studies. Thev'rhâh is not present to celebrate, but instead begins to spend time alone and in seclusion, away from everything else, to meditate.

Second Age
6 - Thev'rhâh, after spending centuries as a Hermit, wanders back into Kinn-sala, having failed to find the enlightment she searched for after many years.
34 - Attack on Tie'Iama by Amarab'ha. Thev'rhâh, who was in Tie'Iama for studious pursuits, is dragged off into the forest by the brood, who have injected her with a paralyzing venom that puts her in a death-like sleep. A group of Warriors drive the spiders off from Thev'rhâh, whom they assume had been dead for a little while as they reach her unmoving body. She is placed in a stone-tomb, unable to move for several days. When she finally does manage to move, she calls out for help and begins banging against the tomb-walls.
35 -Thev'rhâh is eventually rescued after spending three months in the tomb with naught but water that seeps in through a crack in the stone, though she is spiteful and unforgiving of the Albs who first got her into this state: The Vaydja, whom she thinks had failed to see her dragged off alive.
255 - Yev'rhâh is chosen as one of the ten handpicked artists to serve the Indelible. Crushed, wrathful, and jealous, the final blow to Thev'rhâh's conscience is struck as Minyelaírë, a Vaydja whom she blames for her encasing within a tomb, is honoured by the Indelible. In a fit of rage she leaves Yaquir under the cover of the night, using the shadows to sneak past the sentinels and guards unseen. She makes for Rhûn.
300 - After fifty-five years spent in Rhûn, having learnt the common tongue, she finds herself back in Yaquir. Her disappearance goes unnoticed by most Elves, who had gotten used to her lengthy absences and preachings in the forest.
601 - The Attack upon Kei Urdhasa. Not wishing to reexperience her adventures within the Stone-tomb, Thev'rhâh spends several days hiding in a house and meditating.
1204 - In one of her bouts of disappearances, Thev'rhâh is captured by hostile Easterlings in service to the Eye. She is held captive for twenty-five years.
1229 - Thev'rhâh manages to make her escape at the cost of another captive's life. Her loss is quickly forgotten, however, as she feels the grass on her bare feet and smells the air of freedom. The fragment of a Spirit of Morgoth within her uses her weakened state to send her a series of mock dreams and foretellings.
1300 - Thev'rhâh begins to interpret these fake dreams and foretellings as real and starts to believe in a greater destiny for herself. She begins writing down her experiences with these dreams.
1301-3443 - Thev'rhâh spends her time writing down her lucid dream accounts and meditating more under the false guidance of these dreams. She begins to call the sender of these fake prophecies "The Master of the Void", unaware that it is simply the corrupting force within her conjuring these mock images.

Third Age
567 - Thev'rhâh secretly establishes the Order of the Void, gathering with her a handful of followers. All of them don black robes and hoods, their faces unseeable.
678 - The Albs begin to notice that Thev'rhâh's powers have been unnaturally enhanced. Her ability to dimen lights furthers into extinguishing entire houses filled with light. Her shadow-protection magnifies and becomes the ability to camoflouge herself in shadows and making herself unnoticeable. She uses this to her advantage to conduct secret meetings between her sect.
1406 - Rumours of Thev'rhâh's unusual powers circulate around the forest. Albs begin to regard her in fear as she starts to conduct unspeakable experiments within her basement.
2305 - A freak accident caused by Thev'rhâh's experimenting sees her naturally-black hair change to white and one of her closest friends killed. Not wanting to be accused wrongly of Murder, she lies about the accident and informs everyone that her friend had died of unknown causes. Thanks to her clever thinking she is able to hide any evidence of her involvement with the experiment and the case remains unsolved, with Thev'rhâh, being guilty yet innocent at the same time, living life on the sides, traumatised.
2468 - Thev'rhâh's sanity begins to deteriorate, having spent almost every single day holed up within her home, preaching to the Master of the Void. With the Spirit within her gnawing at her sanity, she begins to believe herself a chosen prophet of the Master of the Void. Rumours begin to circulate of her having borne witness to glimpsing the Sibling-Couple's faces.
3010 - By this time Thev'rhâh's name is known by almost all Albs in Kinn-sala. Under the black market she is offered large sums of wealth by corrupt nobles in Avaris in exchange for her services but she stoutly refuses, keeping herself locked up within her home.
3019 - The move to Dhsôn Bhalsûr in Forochel. Initially Thev'rhâh travels along with the main group of Albs to Forochel, but dissipates into the shadows and moves side-long with the company along with her followers, keeping a safe distance between them and the main host and disappearing with their enhanced shadow powers.
  • A ceremony goes awry within the Dhsôn, for in her ignorance Thev'rhâh had allowed Rashanra, a dancer of Avaris, to enter the house being used to hold the ritual. An ensuing commotion occurs, and Timandhris, a Nosd'harôi and Artist of the Riválgis, interrupts the ritual. Thev'rhâh is forced to extinguish all the lights in the house and sends the home into complete and utter darkness to escape, draining herself of resolve in the process.


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