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Thev'rhâh's Musings - Interruptions!

by Tiláris on Mar 17, 2012 at 08:12 PM}
Oh how foolish they are!

They give me no freedom of speech, instead scorning my beliefs in the Master of the Void! He is the epitome of wisdom, of splendour, of experience! The Indelible of course, are much greater, but the Master of the Void enlightens me like no other!

How dare they interrupt my ceremonies! How they dare to accuse me of Witchery and Murder! How dare they try to have me arrested for my beliefs!

I will continue my preachings of the Void Master no matter what is said! They will not stop me from it!

Wisdom and enlightenment,
joy and triumph,
Might and Majesty,
Power of the Void Master


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